Customized Birthday Invitations and Posters

Where your children are the heroes!

The invitation came out super cute. Everybody loved them.

karisa witham Jun 27, 2020

Great seller! Excellent service and professional. The invention was fantastic and just what we wanted! Thank you

alohamarjorie on Jul 7, 2020
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Invites turned out great. I had them printed at CVS and shipped to pick up at local store.

Tara on May 25, 2020

Awesome, fast service. Great product! Thanks for personalizing the wording for the unique pandemic situation in addition to the photos.

sals24601 May 21, 2020

Any questions, please send me an email or leave a message with your email address.

Each design has a SKU number, please use it as a reference or indicate what design you are interested.

About Us

Klever Guerrero

store owner

I started creating for my little ones. First, cartoons to decorate their bedrooms, then those cartoons became party themes and now they are custom birthday invitations.

I design and create my cartoons to match - the best possible - the real size and color skin of children, to make them look better inside the design. My whole objective is that they become the hero of the invitation. Is not just a nice pirate invitation, is an invitation where your child is the pirate, the bravest and cuter pirate, or the astronaut, or a superhero, or a beautiful princess. Your child becomes the star, the reason, the center of my designs.