Customized Birthday Invitations and Posters

Where your children are the heroes!

I called my son when he was still in my belly “Baby Hulk” because of his relentless rolling, kicking and punching. I was ecstatic to find this shop to make the invitations for his first birthday, which is of course Hulk themed! It was such an easy process and quick turnaround - had the digital file in less than a day after sending my photo. And it’s just the perfect detail to make this first birthday party a smash hit (pun intended).

Chelsea Rohde Oct 8, 2019
Happy Mom

These invites came out amazing! They totally exceeded my expectations. I would HIGHLY recommend ordering! High quality and printed perfectly when I printed them at Staples.

Ashley Salmeron
Cucamonga, California

Sent a few of my fav pictures of both my boys and BAM the cutest super heros I have ever seen! Great detail, popping color and easy to read font! Easy to follow directions on how to print out your invitations.. Had lots and lots of compliments..

Sally Ibarra
Santa Clarita, California

Beautifully customized, it was a very cute invitation to our sibling dinosaur party, very fast delivery and everyone loved it 😍😍😍 THANK YOU!

Lana Youssef
Zayed City, Egypt

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About Us

Klever Guerrero

store owner

I started creating for my little ones. First, cartoons to decorate their bedrooms, then those cartoons became party themes and now they are custom birthday invitations.

I design and create my cartoons to match - the best possible - the real size and color skin of children, to make them look better inside the design. My whole objective is that they become the hero of the invitation. Is not just a nice pirate invitation, is an invitation where your child is the pirate, the bravest and cuter pirate, or the astronaut, or a superhero, or a beautiful princess. Your child becomes the star, the reason, the center of my designs.